Managing Tempus projects Online

It doesn’t matter If you are part of the Tempus team or leading Tempus projects in general, this post will save you a lot of time.


Monitoring is critical to all projects, especially for Tempus. Each project should have embedded internal project monitoring arrangements to check progress, milestones, identify problems, recognize the need for change and ensure quality.

When it comes to coordination and management of Tempus projects , it all comes down to these three things:

1) Level of coordinators commitment to keep people on track

2) General awareness of how far projects activities are done and what is overall performance

3) Control and check of the results of these activities


Tempus project coordinators are caught between tons of e-mails, constant deadline pressure and follow up documentation, resulting in one big mess. Burden is often to much to handle. However, there is hope and project still can be tamed.

Its not new that academic sector recognized the importance of using online software platform to communicate, coordinate and collaborate closely on the Tempus projects usually spanning multiple countries, years and people. But having the system that actually works, that is easy to start with and record the data is still hard to find if you don’t know where to look at.


Use a online platform that works. Ideally, management platform with high collaboration capabilities, intuitive  and simplistic interface, excellent document management capabilities and lean project management approach. You want to have control over the project progress, but don’t want to suffocate the collaborative activities.

Good example:

Project of grand magnitude WBCInno Tempus named  “Modernization of WBC universities through strengthening of structures and services for knowledge transfer, research and innovation”, spanning dozens of partnering institutions, countries and people is a good example. They have included a platform called DataStation to facilitate all cooperation, coordination and collaboration activities online. They have tracked all documents online, project progress, events and results during the Tempus project which lasted for three years.


Project passed successfully all monitoring evaluations in the first year and was consequently complimented by the monitoring officers as one of the neatest and best kept projects they had ever seen. End result = successful Tempus project with good chance to be confirmed through other Erasmus projects.


Because with unique platform capabilities to connect people, activities and documentation, it fell to project coordinator to occasionally remind, direct and energize the activities to keep pace to the overall project progress. Even that was supported with intelligent notification system this platform has in its arsenal.

After that projects successful pilot, other institutions reached out.