Celebrating the Earth Day with our focus on innovations saving the bees

Celebrating the Earth Day with our focus on innovations saving the bees

Innovation is taking a central place in supporting pollinator’s well-beeing.


Playing Google’s interactive Earth Day Doodle inspired me to write about the importance of keeping our planet safe and healthy. Although it seems the world stopped because of the pandemic disease COVID-19, we need to remember it is still spinning and our job is to make it perfect, again. This year we are marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by honoring little bees. In the interactive game on Google, we have the opportunity to learn more about the bees’ life and most importantly why they are so precious little creatures


Quick intro


Bees, the little pollinators and honey-makers, are responsible for making one-third of the food we consume, every day (and throwing it away, sadly). Countless ecosystems’ health and prosperity depend on their well-being, including animals and humans. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, more than half of North America’s 4,000 native bee species are in decline, with 1 in 4 species at risk of extinction. Losing them sounds quite terrible. Especially considering their huge role in agriculture which contributes to over $15 billion to the value of US crop production.


What can we do?


Countless government initiatives and private contributors are supporting innovators from all corners of the world in order to invent new technology and work toward setting this huge task of saving the bees. Innovations worldwide are taking place in mitigating the effects of all the factors causing their extinction. They range from the increasing use of synthetic pesticides to high temperatures, or dangerous fungi growing due to high humidity. If you take a look at already successful innovations in this area, you may find inspiration and take steps to increase the likelihood of bees’ survival.






The loss of habitat due to increased industrialization makes bees travel quite long distances in order to find some plants. It leads to their exhaustion and death, in most cases. In order to help bees survive under these circumstances, there is an innovation that provides energy shots for them during their travel. This innovation is designed as a biodegradable paper containing glucose paste and honey plant seeds. With only 0.5 kg of this paste, there are thousands of bees that can feed on it. This is a project from Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw in collaboration with City Bees and manufactured by Manufaktura Papireu Czerpanego w Kobyłce.






Due to the increased use of synthetic pesticides, bees are literally poisoned and this is a huge cause of their high extinction rate. Somebody would think that we know better, but yet, this is an enormous challenge. Professor Thomas Brück and his team at the Department of Industrial Biotechnology have been working with the tobacco plant to help solve this issue. The tobacco plant produces a natural repellent to protect itself. It is called cembratrienol and the researchers first isolated the parts of the tobacco genome responsible for the production of this natural pesticide and then inserted it into the genome of E. coli bacteria. The genetically modified bacteria are grown in controlled conditions and then the pesticide is separated out in sufficient quantities to be used as a spray. This pesticide does not harm beneficial insects. So, it is a win-win!






The Netherlands has always been known for its innovative solutions. The province of Utrecht designed a project to decorate 316 bus stops with green roofs to support bee pollination. 56% of bee species in the Netherlands are currently in danger of extinction. Turning the bus stops into green hubs is a way to encourage the process of pollination. These roofs are decorated with sedum plants and one of the main reasons is their low need for maintenance. Of course, this project has many other benefits such as improving air quality, cooling the summer air, and storing rainwater as well. There is an initiative for residents to turn their own rooftops into green hubs, offering compensation to the ones with a roof over 20 square meters.






Last Straw represents the campaign to save bees while reducing the plastic waste. The idea is to encourage people to stop using straws. A result of partnering between the digital marketing agency Flock Linked by Isobar, honey producers Son de Miel and digital production company Praxlab, the campaign is made to create man-made beehives entirely out of used plastic straws. What the team discovered is standard straws are the same size as Apis Melligera honeycomb cells and also made from the same type of plastic used to manufacture artificial beehives. It was a signal that bees are more likely to accept the straw-based beehive. Professional beekeepers and academics were assigned to the project to assure the quality of the work done. One of the most important news about this is that the prototype is already hosting a bee colony. You can also find plans for man-made beehives online for free!


This was a short presentation of the already successful projects designed to keep the bees safe and alive. If you want to spread awareness and perform the socially-responsible action in your company, you may want to include all of your employees to contribute to this cause. There are many traditional ways to do that but we recommend the use of innovation management software as it holds many advantages of the digital world we already live in. 

20 innovation blogs you’ll want to read in 2020

20 innovation blogs you’ll want to read in 2020

Our recommendation on what to read in 2020 is based on 3 criteria: relevance, usefulness, and influence. This way, we wanted to help you effectively use your time online, explore and learn more about innovation.

With the New Year at our doorstep, we all feel like it’s time for a fresh start. Can we do it all better this time? We, you… and companies as well? It’s the perfect moment to look for new business opportunities and improvements. For the upcoming year, we’ve listed the 20 most relevant and inspirational innovation blogs to turn to in 2020. Whether you’re searching for new business opportunities, considering new innovation methods, or just want to keep up with the latest innovation trends – innovation blogs are a great place to start.

1. Harvard Business Review

As a source of valuable information, it is interesting that HBR doesn’t let everyone to be its writer. Besides having a lot of knowledge, you also need to have your story backed up by research, evidence and relevant example. Only then you may be a contributor to this blog, so now you can understand why the most relevant content is found here. Strategy, leadership, organizational change, innovation, decision making, managing teams, and many more topics are covered by this blog.

2. MIT Technology Review’s

Here, you can read about every technological breakthrough discovery that could be potentially relevant in the future. If you’re wondering how exactly some of the hot new innovative technology works, look for it on MIT Technology Review.

3. Innovation Cloud

Being an innovation management software provider, Innovation Cloud blog is an interesting source of innovation articles. It has many great examples of how to execute innovation, embrace innovation culture and nurture diversity of opinion across your organization. Also, if you’re wondering how to optimize the innovation process, and understand how software for innovation management works in practice, you should definitely check out this blog. When you’re exploring innovation management topic, this blog can offer you both educational content and interesting innovation news from around the world.

4. Innovation Management

The content on this site is written for and by professionals who are working in the field of innovation. Innovation management is their main focus, as well as the innovation processes. IM.se is consistently recognized as a top-ten innovation blog globally.

5. Innovation Post

Our readers love and are used to getting exceptional articles here. Whether that’s critical thinking about some hype innovation or innovative ideas themselves, there’s no doubt that our blog is delivering new value to the online innovation community. Our mission is to educate readers about the importance of adding structure in the execution of innovation activities.

6. Innovation stories

Innovation Stories blog provides a unique and exciting approach to understanding innovation through comics. Comics allow presenting theoretical concepts as stories that are easy to connect to real work and innovation-related experiences. Reading this blog, you will gain a better understanding of innovation management and a critical view of popular practices. The only question is “Do you like comics”? 

7. Board of innovation

In this blog, you will find useful case studies and inside tips from innovation consultants and entrepreneurs from around the world.  It empowers corporations to look up to startups when it comes to innovation. We highly recommend this one.

8. Inventors digest

Investors Digest is pointing to the connection between business and innovation in order to educate and inspire its global audience. Here you can find both educational articles and the latest news. For example, if you want to know more about the best ways to implement organizational changes or promote innovation culture but avoid creating anarchy, read these articles and you’re pretty much all set.

9. Innocentive

Reading Innocentive blog you will find a collection of innovation insights from worldwide crowdsourcing initiatives. Everything you need to know about the benefits of challenge-driven innovation is on this blog.

10. Innovation excellence

Innovation excellence is founded by three of the world’s leading innovation experts and it has thousands of members from over 175 countries. If you’re looking to find best practices and tips for improving your innovation culture, dig into reading this!

11. Timkastelle.org

Great source of educational articles on innovation. Tim Kastelle is the guy who looks at innovation from a different angle by connecting different ideas, which allows him to deliver exceptional articles to his readers. This blog is mostly educational and carries valuable experience-based management advice for creating an innovation culture. When it comes to little things that most people overlook during the innovation process, Mr. Kastelle got it all covered up.

12. Paul4innovating’s Innovation Views

Paul’s focus is 100 percent on innovation and according to that, the main topics are the innovation ecosystem, designing and building the future, digital technologies. Paul’s also a contributor on innovationexcellence.com

13. Ideaconnection.com

In this blog, you can find the latest news about AI, robots, machine learning, and other up-to-date innovations. If you want to catch up with the latest trends, this blog can be put to good use. Also, you can be a contributor to posted open innovation challenges.

14. Strategyzer

Strategyzer blog has mostly educational content you may use to gain insight into how corporations execute their innovations. Besides that, there’s a lot of articles supported by strategic management theory, problem-solving posts and innovation strategies.

15. Apiumhub

Apiumhub is a software development company. Their blog contains best practices that they came across working with various industries. This company focuses on software architecture, mobile applications, and web development. Plenty of interesting tips and observations based on their experience.

16. Springwise

If you want to search through innovations by industries, Springwise has thorough info about the latest inventions and innovations. Most innovations listed on this blog are in the service of environmental protection and future green tech. You may also look for inspiration for your next project here.

17. Innovate UK

Innovate UK is a blog with its focus on the UK’s economy innovation-driven growth. It explains why the UK’s economy is leading in innovative technology and science, by looking for a place for improvement right there. Actually, it’s pretty obvious, but it’s good to see how they’re doing it though.

18. Fanatical Futurist

Matthew Griffin, award-winning futurist, and international keynote speaker is the editor of this blog that demystifies and brings the future to life. Technology, neuroscience, AI, robotics are just some of the topics covered by Mr. Griffin, and if you follow this blog you may find much more!

19. Burrus Research

Daniel Burrus is a technology company founded in 1983 and it helps leaders to create and maintain highly innovative organizations. Building a future using innovation in service of technology breakthroughs and predictable Hard Trends, they are helping organizations and individuals explore new uses of existing technology. 

20. Gr8estIdeaEver

If you ever find yourself wanting to read about the latest innovation news that can change the way this world works, you should be reading this blog. The owner of this website, Craig Shames and other experts discuss their own ideas or contributing to others. Plenty of interesting content, whether you’re new to the innovation topics, or you’re into it a bit longer. 

We consider these to be the top 20 innovation blogs, catching the spotlight in 2020. Also, we hope this short summary helped you direct your exploring and find the most convenient content for you. Keep yourself entertained and don’t stop learning, because innovation can happen anytime and anywhere and it’s important to know how to execute it properly. 

Now, let’s put these blogs to good use! 

Happy New Year!

New application that will help startups through their crowdfunding campaigns

Innovation Cloud is working on a new application and wants to hear your ideas about necessary functionalities.

Startup Innovation Community Application

There are more than 600 crowdfunding platforms around the world, with fundraising reaching billions of dollars annually. But, is there a platform which will support you in creating and managing a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Innovation Cloud, a software company from Luxembourg, is developing a program called Startup Innovation Community application with a clear purpose – to successfully guide startups from ideation through crowdfunding and pitch decking to market delivery.

Almost every day you hear about an exciting new startup crushing their campaign goals and launching their company via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. While crowdfunding is an excellent way to generate funds for your new business or project, there are a lot of challenges you might face during the process of building a crowdfunding campaign. It needs a great concept, good timing, and most importantly, a ton of hard work to pull off a promising campaign.

To overcome all these challenges, Innovation Cloud is inviting the online community to contribute to this program. With a simple crowdsourcing form on their website, you can share your ideas and suggest features this new platform should have and, as a reward, join their team and develop the application based on your ideas.

The thing with startups is that we hear only about the ones that succeded. Most of them don’t even get to see the daylight. Innovation Cloud is trying to change this and create a path to success and new ways of funding for the future startups.

A simple definition of term innovation

To be competitive in this changing world, we have to put efforts on coming up with new ideas, products, and services that add value to our organization. This solution we call “innovation”.

Innovation has become and is a symbol of modern society, keyword for success and financial growth, an imperative for companies and enterprises. Now-days, innovation is all over ICT and car industry, but also every cosmetics have some innovation formula, most companies have innovation section on web pages and not to mention medicine and pharmacy who offers an innovative drugs. From a business perspective, it is a way to improve business and make more profit, and from a perspective of a regular everyday normal guy it became just a buzzword.

The word itself is overused and if you check with a single Google search you’ll find about 557,000,000 results in 0.32 seconds! Definitions vary and innovation means different things to different people, industries and even to different science.

Popularity that (term) innovation gained in the last decade, made us think what people mean when they say we need more innovation or we need to be more innovative?

After reviewing dozens of definitions from a diverse set of relevant sources, we decided to provide a simple description of innovation that our regular everyday normal guy can understand.

Most important characteristics/dimensions of innovation are:

  1. Creating something fresh! Innovation starts with an idea and “something” here may refer to process, product or service. As innovation is always about bringing something new, there are two paths of this dimension of innovation:
    (a) Creating something new, unique, original. Starting something for the first time. It is basically like inventing the wheel.
    (b) Improving something that already exists in a way of making it better than it was before. This way innovation doesn’t have to be about reinventing the wheel.
  2. Creating value! Creating something new is not enough for the definition of innovation. There are a lot of new things that are of no use or have no value. Innovation always has a tangible outcome that has value. Innovation must be valued, which means that it meets real need or resolves a real life problem. This reflects on commercialization of the idea itself.
  3. Innovation is a process. It has it’s structure and involves multiple activities. It’s a result. It’s an outcome. It’s something you work towards achieving “something fresh”. Mostly is a team work, team of people of diverse knowledge and expertise working together to produce something fresh. Technology helped to overcome the geographical barriers with innovation management solution that allows you to gather team in online environment around some new challenge. By encouraging and acknowledging your people whenever they come up with a new idea, you create an environment, where innovation is a part of the everyday life and work. It has always future dimension and is a positive change.

Cell phone innovation
Innovation is the reason our lives have improved since the beginning of civilazation. Innovation always means progress and in this changing world progress is expected. As technology is now in every part of our lives, we do expect that next generation of our android or iOS smartphone, will have some new features, like a faster CPU, improved battery life, more pixels on camera. But we can’t all be scientists, engineers and developers to create something new. But we all have came up with some ideas about improving our performance at work in order to work better, faster, easier. If those ideas are implemented, that is a successful innovation.
There is a significant need for a simple approach to finding new ways of overcoming the challenges that modern society bringing and innovation is logical response on it. If you have some other point of view on this subject, please leave your definition of innovation or your anecdote of an innovation in action as a comment to this post.