Artificial Intelligence as Businesses innovation – Opportunity or Threat?

Innovative potential of AI, and especially today’s machine learning systems, is in its self-learning and self-improving capability without human interaction. Digital assistants like Siri, Cortana and Echo are just some examples of A.I. that we already use. But A.I. goes far beyond that. 

Artificial intelligence is innovative technology that will have enormous economic and social effect like all other revolutionizing technologies in the past (steam engine, electricity, internal combustion engine).

The reason that AI is so big change gamer is its ability to learn autonomously without human interference and explicit instructions. Many things that we as human species know and do, can’t be easily explained and automated. For example, facial recognition, ability to speak a language, and skills in general. Tacit knowledge (know-how, skills, and experiences) is very difficult to verbalize and transfer to another person, let alone to automate and improve upon.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

But how do you develop and integrate artificial intelligence in business innovation? Is it really an opportunity to grow exponentially? Or does it represent a latent threat that would interfere with the lifestyle of the people? 


When we talk about artificial intelligence in business, we refer to an incredible range of innovation that can be used for its growth, such as:

• Improve productivity
• Carry out marketing strategies
• Identify trends in the market
• Optimize process management
• Improve customer service
• Improve product quality

Now, the interesting thing is that, regardless of the turning of the company or business, artificial intelligence can help in different fields, for example:

• Tools like Google Analytics allows you to have a complete study of the traffic of a website and how users interact with it
• In medicine, it is widely used to save and generate complex studies and reports which facilitate the work of doctors
• Business Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to make decisions within the business
• In transport, it makes a significant improvement with autonomous automobiles, both in pedestrian and driver care

Likewise, its use can be found in everyday situations, such as finding the most optimal route to reach a destination. It is obvious that artificial intelligence can represent a great benefit for humanity.


On the other hand, artificial intelligence might represent a great risk to the lifestyle of people, starting with those companies or governmental institutions that would use a series of illicit actions to gain competitive advantage, enrich themselves or others by increasing their power. 

For example:
• Several professional careers, as well as jobs, will be replaced by the use of artificial intelligence
• There are legal cases where companies have used AI to access sensitive customer information
• Its use in the military represents a risk if it falls into the wrong hands

Discussing possibly threats from AI, Elon Musk proposed that Artificial Intelligence must be regulated, so it can’t be misused.

Considering all this, we can highlight several questions:

• What are the risks if AI develops the use of war weapons?
• What role will AI play in the world?
• How will it be used in the protection of sensitive data or of the data of complete nations?

Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?

For good or bad, time and the way that companies use and control Artificial Intelligence as a business innovation, will define its course. Therefore, it should be noted that technology titans such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, already have a host of applications and digital assistants guided by Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, its use should be used in the most appropriate way, highlighting the large benefits that this can bring and avoiding its use in war weapons or in the obtaining of sensitive information of the users.


Complete List of Free online idea management software

Complete list of free idea management software


After some research, we at the Innovation  Post blog put together the list of free software solutions for idea management.

Free online idea management software list serves as an ideal starting point for any individual or team who wants to capture and develop ideas with no upfront investments.

These software solutions are specialized in idea management and can be used to test and kick start your idea management initiative:


Bitrix 24






Innovation Cloud




Tally Fox




The number of the free online software solutions is raising constantly, so it is possible that we missed some. We want this list to be complete and up to date, so feel free to suggest other solutions and your experience using them in the comments and we will put it on the list after review.

Thank you.

Innovation Post

Behold! Free Online Idea Management Software is coming

Dear friends and innovation practitioners,

From our perspective, free idea management tools are everywhere, but in poor quality and bound by countless limitations.

So Good and Free are a scarce combination when it comes to choosing right Free online idea management solution.

Last couple of days, we encountered news about the Beta version of the tool called Innovation Cloud. Behind that enterprise stands solid innovation background of  the DataStation – company from Belgium.

Innovation Cloud free idea management banner_960px

What we gathered as an intel, this tool will be different. As it will offer all means necessary to gather and manage ideas.

Their aim is apparently S&M companies and teams, so limits are complimenting that goal – 15 users, 100 ideas tied to one free account.

They promise highly affordable premium packages, but we do not know the prices still.

Main goal: To liberate idea management field and give small market players access to good quality idea management software.

We wish them all the luck in that goal and will come back with the review once the tool is online.

Looking forward to it.

Kind regards,


How to Keep People Engaged – Consulting with Technology

DataStation with Consulting
Starting the innovation initiative and launching it in an organization is just a tip of the ice berg. What happens afterwards is the real challenge.
As momentum starts to fade, you have to ask yourself:
Have I reached enough people?
Were my efforts enough to sustain innovation as essential part of organizational culture?

Will people keep coming back to share little bit of themselves?

We will explore the possibilities of using known innovation elements as fabric to sustainable innovation management.

Familiar Story

You got the job to connect people with the innovation strategy you developed with the management.

Top management recognized the essential importance of the innovation management. They did it because they want to grow, or they are in danger. The reason is not important, it is important that the change is now alive and has support of the top level.

You set the goal, set the milestones and gathered the I-team.

The battle can begin.

Management winds in your back are pushing you forward, I-team is highly motivated to work as all they are hand picked to drive the initiative forward. You organized few workshop, got some people on board. You managed to collect some ideas, one or two got implemented.

You gave a SOW report, results report and you shake a hand of your employer and ride on to the Sunset towards next Challenge.

Two months later, you are called back to the company (if you are lucky). Initiative withered and died. You have to kick start it again, only now you lost the initial momentum… no one wants to be part of it. Support from I-team is diminished, Management is frustrated and wants a quick and painless fix, but you can’t deliver.

All odds are against you. You have only couple of months to deliver some results, only now, they must last.

How can you avoid this situation? What is long term solution that will bring high motivation,  innovation culture and fertile ground for ideas to grow and flourish on the long run?

That puzzle are we going to tackle and complete in this article.

What is missing?

You had it right from the start. You had clear, achievable goals, motivated I-team and top management support.  You organized workshops, got people interested, created some momentum and harvested some ideas. They were even implemented. But the structure you nourished can live only for so long. You made a child and left him to roam without support.

What you need is the software tool to act as your Brilliant assistant to bridge that gap and to sustain the initiative once you ride on.

Combining your skills with a software tool will result in a same effect as a Doctors operation: Major first intervention with occasional follow ups.

You probably know this already, but please keep on reading to see where is the value for you precisely.

Tool as a Brilliant Assistant

Our experience is that short term interventions are not working. Tools do.

With good tool you can create innovation friendly environment directly from your mind to online community. In the right hands it will support, sustain and maintain all innovation initiatives activities towards innovation goals.


Keep in mind one thing. Tools are there to support Innovation initiative, they cannot harvest innovation potential without people, their collaborative effort, coordination and monitoring.

This is where you as a consultant fit in perfectly.

Online tools will empower you to scale, to save time and to service more clients in the form of micro consulting.

You will achieve more clients and more meaningful and lasting business relationships. That is the main value of the assisting online tools.

How can online tool help you?


Clear process, Clear roles, Clear goals and milestones are essential for any innovation initiative to succeed. If people do not understand what they are supposed to do in which step, and what should be the outcome of their actions they will fall out of the train on the first stop.

DataStation Metrics

Tool: People can actually see the process visualized. They know how many phases there are, what is expected in which and what is final outcome. They know who participates, what is their contribution and they can compare it to the contribution of others.


Everyone needs some incentive to keep doing something that is often regarded as “extra work” on the beginning.

They are different for all, but there is one general point to get people on board: When employees see that organization values their ideas on real problems, they will be more willing to engage in innovation going forward.

Tool provides large motivation possibilities to engage innovative people to act:

  1. Alarming, notification system that calls everyone to action at the right moment.
  2. Transparent idea status and execution results with lavish congrats message
  3. Improvement of the employee position and image within the company itself
  4. Influence with gaming aspect of the tool, as they come to raise their ranking, collect rewards and compete. Public recognition with Innovator of the month often raises participants sense of contribution.
  5. Some come to the tool as it is set as a must in corporate policy.
  6. Ability to resolve challenges as part of the Team.

Most valuable ones are those who see online tool as a way to affect ordinary way of working and whose only reward is actual transparent execution of their ideas.


Without collaborative effort which is often very hard to coordinate and sustain, innovation initiative is doomed. Nurturing employee collaboration and channeling it onto specific challenges is tiresome work, but necessary if you wish to harvest good ideas and to have enough to dig out the golden ones for implementation.

Without collaboration and knowledge exchange, ideation is just reduced to suggestion box, with no  real community test.


Tools are often designed to compliment three essential aspects of the innovation management (3C’s): Collaboration, Communication and Coordination.

With ability to keep conversations in context of the idea for a long time, tools are very valuable lessons learned and knowledge archives. With intelligent notification system, feed and social elements IM tools are becoming social collaboration environments where all the right ingredients are mixed to gain hopefully very good results.


Aligned with the innovation initiative goals. It must be clear to everyone involved what is at stake. Almost always, it is company’s future and survival. All should know that their activities are essential in order for company to survive and thrive.

Tools are there to help us implement our strategy. They are designed to sustain and compliment its meandric course with good flexibility options and usable simple to implement interventions. They are used as a centralized hub to collect the data, transform it to usable information and create new possibilities.

Tools are ideal for long term innovation management.


If by corporate policy you managed to spare a few hours for employees personal projects, ideas and innovation it might not be enough. It will all crumble is you expect all their ideas will come on work. They are coming at any moment. When we are under pressure, under shower, on the road, on the beach…


Several hours a week are often not enough, even if employees used it well. We need to empower them to contribute from their beds, roadtrips, even showers.

Cloud technology and Online available tools can bridge that gap. Any time, from anywhere. Office walls are only a suggestion. Especially if we bring open innovation into mix.


On the tool you can track various aspects of innovation performance, create reports and turn unorganized data into real usable information. To gain real time visual and metric insight into the results of the innovation initiative is something CEO’s are keen to have right now. Learning from your past mistakes, gives you power to raise from the necessary failures and turn them to opportunities on the next run.


Symbiosis needed – Consulting with Technology


Short term interventions are not enough. Why put all that hard work in creating excellent innovation strategy, when it will crumble after you leave office behind.

Combining  consultants expertise with technology, we gain the possibility to affect organizations on a level  never seen before with the same resources as you have now.

If you build it, They will come

Reach out to possibilities, find your partnering tool.